This is you happy about your new MLS listing.

Welcome 2016!

New Year’s Day

Well, it’s a holiday today!  There are a number of football games to watch.  There is a lot of food to be eaten.  There is company to visit.  But there is still the fact that some people need to buy a house, and some need to sell one.  If you are a For-Sale-By-Owner selling your own house, you probably have a keen desire, not only for that sale to take place, but for it to take place more inexpensively not having to pay the commission of a listing agent.

My company and I exist to help you make that happen.  We are a resource for you, and one of the pieces to that puzzle and process is this website it’s forum/blog area.  There you can ask questions and make comments that may help you or another in the future.  I hope to continue in this, our third year of publication, to make it more useable, enjoyable and FSBO-friendly.

So you may gradually notice some design changes in 2016.  I welcome your feedback as we go through the process.  In the next installment, we will be dealing with a question I may have glossed over in the past, that of what to expect on your first showings, and more precisely what to do if the looker decides to buy.  This can be a bit of information, and I may have to deal with it in more than one article.

But for now, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We’ll talk soon…

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