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Real Estate Buyer Services

Martin Properties Customers(6/13)

Buyer’s Incentive Program to purchase your next house through US!

For our customers ( who are also sometimes “Do-It-Yourselfers”) a closing present/gift card for your loyalty & for doing some of the work yourself! We thank you & share our blessing with you.(This incentive becomes valid when signed by both parties & on file at MP prior to process.)

It’s proven that more than 80% of property searches start online by the buyer before they ever contact an agent. So, if you do some of the legwork and research, Martin Properties will reward you by allowing you to earn a closing gift card to help you get settled in your new home. (Even if you don’t help, you get a present as our thanks for letting us be your buyer’s agent!)

The process below is simple, and the closing gift is based on the price of the home you purchase.
During the month of October 2017… (transaction to close in calendar year 2017.)

—Martin Properties agent does not leave office and show property, but still negotiates sale and represents buyer – 50% of net commission to Martin Properties*

—1 to 4 properties shown by BROKER – 30% of net commission to Martin Properties*

—5 to 6 properties shown by BROKER – 15% of net commission*

—7 to 8 properties shown by BROKER – 10% of net commission*

—9 to 10 properties shown by BROKER – 05% of net commission*

—10 or more properties shown by BROKER – 5% of net commission*

*BROKER’s final commission after closing gift shall not be less than $1,000.00 on any transaction*
*NO Maximum value on Buyer’s Gift/Card* Delivered within 7 – 10 days after close. Closing to be handled by Laura Perry/Homeland Title or Title company of buyer’s choice ____________________________________________________.
We combine the best of traditional real estate with the speed and convenience of the Internet to find the right home for you.

Some of the Terms and Conditions of the Buyer Incentive Program are:

*Providing BUYER with listings identified in local MLS & elsewhere that meet BUYERS’ criteria;
*Arrange for a showing of properties identified by BUYER
*Negotiate the purchase price and contingencies for buying the property;
*Help prepare the Purchase and Sale Agreement for the Buyer;
*Track deadlines for inspections, for providing written corrective proposals and other information needed at or before settlement / close.

BUYER’S RESPONSIBILITIES TO QUALIFY(Must sign this doc, and we recommend obtaining a bank/lender letter)
*Review Listings Provided by BROKER;
*Research neighborhood and surrounding community to verify they meet BUYER’S needs;
*Drive by the property before contacting BROKER and scheduling a property showing;
*Notify BROKER, in advance, of BUYER’S interest to schedule property showing;
*Identify BROKER as agent for BUYER to all builders, real estate licensees, and sellers in connection with property that BUYER visits without BROKER.

This offer made to my customers and clients. This gift is not cash, nor can it be converted to cash. This offer made by Martin Properties independent of MOVOTO, INC or any referral network. NET commission may be affected by referral fees.

Buyer’s Soc. Sec. #   _____________________________________________ (You will receive a 1099 form for amount.)



PRINT THIS PAGE, SIGN and MAIL, E-MAIL, or FAX  to Martin Props.

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