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FREE MLS in Tennessee

FREE MLS in Tennessee!

It’s the season in your life when it’s time to sell your house and move on.  You have a good amount of equity in your house.  You would like to put that in your pocket.  Or buy another house.

You don’t really want to give it to a real estate agent just to get the exposure of the Multiple Listing Service, the MLS.  But you can’t keep your house a secret and hope it sells.

Martin Properties has been helping Tennessee homesellers for decades.  Call them Independent Homesellers, or call them FSBOs (For-Sale-By-Owner.)  Get the MORE MLS and less agent.

at there are a number of different plans to get your house in the MLS without the standard commissioned listing process.  There are a couple of different prices and they are all good.

But the best price is FREE!  And I will put you in the MLS for free for a month,  if you subscribe to my update/info list by March 31, 2017.

Join our group and I will send you a couple of permission forms and an info sheet for you to complete, sign, and return and I’ll put your house in the MLS with your contact info .

We do obey state and federal laws as well as the MLS rules, but I’ll explain those in following correspondence, since there isn’t room here.

So here are the rules for a FREE MLS LISTING.

  1.  Your house is in Tennessee – Nashville, Knoxville, or Memphis, no matter.
  2. You join our mailing list (we won’t spam you or sell your email.
  3. Send me the info on your house.

And YOU are in the MLS!!! FREE MLS

E-MAIL ME AT to make it happen!


“My wife and I used Don Martin’s real estate agency to list our home for sale. This was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Don not only listed our home for us at a very reasonable rate, he also gave us superb advice concerning pricing, patience, and negotiating.

Don saved us a lot of money.

He provided the sentry lock that agents could use to access the property and also, a for sale sign for a small extra fee. His service includes the forms that you will need to conduct the transaction and a recommended a title agency for closing.

In fact, he provides everything a full service agency provides except the annoyance of constantly demanding you drop your price or discouraging information about how the neighborhood comps won’t support your asking price.

Working with Don was the best experience I’ve ever had in real estate transactions and I have bought and sold five properties in four different states in my lifetime. Did I mention he saved us a lot of money? Well, that probably deserves a second mention.

I highly recommend Don Martin if you are considering an alternative approach to marketing and selling your property.”

-Greg Luze


“I highly recommend Martin Properties to anyone wanting to sell their house. Don helped us with the entire process, answered tons of questions and most importantly, saved us a ton of money. He makes the process so easy and is awesome to work with. Our Buyer even came without a Realtor and Don helped answer all our questions and provided us with the appropriate documents to get the deal done. Thank you Don!”
-Sarah Wills


Don did a great job for us and helped us save over $12,000 on the sale. He made it simple and easy to close the sale with his suggestions and support. Thanks again.”
-Barry Durham FREE MLS

E-MAIL ME AT to make it happen!

Helpful hints and tips to help you save and/or make money in the New Real Estate era as a For-Sale-By-Owner!