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Who Wants to Buy the Most Expensive House in America?


“Let’s say you’re a super-wealthy single dude who just sold your company,” said Nile Niami. “You’ve just moved to L.A. and you don’t know anybody, so you hire someone to fill your house with partyers. You want everyone to know who you are, but you don’t want to talk to anybody. So you go sit in your V.I.P. room.”

Mr. Niami was giving a tour, and, unlike most home tours, this one started in the nightclub. It will have multiple bars, its own coat room and LED ceilings playing images of moving clouds. Beyond the floor-to-ceiling glass walls there is a swimming pool, along with panoramic views stretching to downtown Los Angeles and Century City.

The home is entering its fifth year of development. When finished this spring, it will be one of the largest private homes in America — 100,000 square feet — and, at an asking price of $500 million, will bill itself as the most expensive as well.

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Don Martin, a 33 year veteran real estate broker and firm owner, helps people save many thousands of dollars selling their own houses and using the MLS for peak exposure. Details of that process here. He is the author of sixteen books, and has been called the most prolific real estate professional in the country today. Follow his real estate blog here and his writing blog here.  His Amazon page is here.

Agency is a Hot-Button Issue for the FSBO

A sense of FSBO pride as well as savings.

A FSBO, someone who has the fortitude and courage to sell his house For-Sale-By-Owner,  generally has confidence.  Sometimes they just exude confidence.  Sometimes they are confident to point that when they discover something about the real estate world they had not yet been exposed to, they argue.  They simply don’t know what they don’t know.

Some learn quickly, but some enter various stages of denial over some of the necessary paperwork, but, it all usually works out.  There is much commission to be saved doing the work yourself.  And in the end, the FSBO can, does, and should feel very good about themselves.  FSBO pride is natural.  But it’s not easily shared.

Enter the MLS agent

If you want to sell your house, you NEED to have it in the Multiple Listing Service.  The MLS is like a big ol’ country club.  It may have great food.  It may have a championship golf course.  But you can’t enjoy any of it unless you are a member or you are WITH a member.

You can’t enjoy the MLS unless you ARE a broker-member or you are WITH a broker-member.  And if you are WITH a broker-member, you have an “agency” relationship.  Maybe not the old-fashioned “exclusive right to sell,” list and move in together relationship, but maybe the newer “exclusive agency” team relationship, but there must be some kind of agency relationship.  Otherwise, any broker could possibly list and put in the MLS 100 homes today, if we could just go through a phone book and not worry about having to have a pesky relationship with the sellers.

Definition of Agency

To have an agency relationship around here there must exist two forms signed by the seller and the member-broker.  One is a Confirmation of Agency form, and the other is a listing/permission agreement spelling out what broker and seller will and won’t do, the length of time (expiration date,) the asking price, and the commission being offered to a cooperating MLS member-broker, expressed as a flat amount or a percentage of the GROSS sale price of the house.

Sometimes the FSBO thinks that since he sold his own house without an agent, he resents having to sign a form admitting there was an agent involved.  But we have to observe state law and country club rules.   Regardless of the level of real estate service you have used, you will still have to observe the rules.  This is not optional.

Incidentally, there is a spectrum of real estate service that we will deal with later.  There is full-service, limited-listing service, and MLS entry-only service. They each demand different levels of need and sophistication in home selling,  It is important to know the difference, because one might seem like a great price, but then not include contract review, or selling help, which you assumed every agent would give you.  Ask questions. Be clear.  Try to anticipate your level of knowledge.  Don’t be like two sellers I heard this week say, “Nobody told me about that!  Is it too late to add that to the contract?”


Feature House – 3968 Kristen St.                 Spring Hill, TN  37174

3968 Kristen St. FSBO

 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms, 2393 sq ft – $229,900

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They’re pulling your leg

You need to sell your house.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are over and the dead of winter is coming pretty soon.  Everyone says nobody will be shopping for a house now.

Guess what- everyone is either wrong, or they are pulling your leg.  It may be winter, but some people still have to move.  Maybe they have been transferred in their job.  Maybe there is a problem with their current house.  Maybe their lease is up.

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