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Beginner’s Guide to FSBO

This book is about selling your own house.

Beginner’s Guide to FSBO
Top Ten Tips to put MONEY in your Pocket

1  Never List your House with a Traditional Realtor
2  Sell Your Own House
3  Never Try to Sell it Yourself with Just a Sign
4  Don’t Try to Sell with Just an Ad on Craig’s List
5  DO Put it in the MLS
6  Make it Accessible and Easy to Show
7  Never offer 3% Commission in the MLS
8  Let the House Show Itself
9  Non-Adversarial Selling
10  NEVER Buy a House by Calling a Sign or Using Your Listing Realtor


The purpose of this book is to introduce you to some concepts and possibilities that you can use in your next real estate transaction that will be very much to your advantage. In fact, you will be amazed how valuable they are. They may be a bit difficult to use, though. They may make you feel awkward to try. You may have to start working with a different Realtor than you had planned. It will all be worth it.


This report has been designed to just get you thinking about some of the possibilities that could be involved. It is to your advantage to know your Realtor. Ask some questions of your Realtor, and negotiate just like you would with anything else. I’m betting you can even negotiate some things with your doctor, if you’re willing to try. You just have to ask.


This is the fourteenth book by the 33 year real estate veteran broker/owner/author/speaker/consultant Don Martin, often called “the most prolific real estate author today.”


Great book! Inspiring and powerful story. Worth reading and reflecting. Don’t miss out on this one! Order it today.

Helpful hints and tips to help you save and/or make money in the New Real Estate era as a For-Sale-By-Owner!