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Don Martin,  LM

Martin Properties

Graduated Services Real Estate

(615) 973-8970

Nice-looking broker

My name is Don Martin, author, speaker, and Broker/Owner of Martin Properties.  I also  hold an honorary doctorate degree, and I’m a certified life coach, but who really cares about all that?  I am principally a writer and a real estate guy. Since there is a possibility  you may hire me someday,  please just consider this a sort of resume, if you will.


  • Licensed, full-time real estate since 1984, more than thirty years. (GOOGLE us- we’re not obscure, new-comers to this business.)
  • Vanderbilt University and Peabody Demonstration School (University School)
  • Christ Church on Old Hickory Blvd over twenty five years.
  • Married over thirty five years.
  • I answer my own phone unless I am in church or with a customer.
  • HUD certified as Buyer’s Agent
  • PUBLICLY certified as a LISTING MANIAC – (LM) Seller’s Agent
  • You probably won’t find me at a retreat trying to get in touch with myself. I’d rather get in touch with you.
  • Fairly stable. I keep my promises. I stay in touch. I return calls.
  • My work carries a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!
  • Hardest Working Man in Real Estate, the DEAN of Graduated Services Real Estate
  • I treat your business as the blessing that it is to me.
  • I save people TONS of MONEY!

Don is available to speak about real estate to your group or workshop.
Please call us at (615) 973-8970

BOOKS available at  

“The NEW Real Estate, and 10 SECRETS that will put MONEY in YOUR POCKET!” (Even though, up until now, houses only COST you money.)       ISBN-13:  978-1494983109




“It’s getting late- want to go get something to eat?”

“if you’ll pull over here, I think I’ve got one in the trunk.”

“Not too shabby, indeed…”


and also…

A very long time ago, when I had been in this business only a few years, I learned a valuable lesson about buyers.  I call it the “Jack Factor.”  I had a house listed for sale in Nashville, and I had it advertised in a small free (to the public) real estate magazine at the time.  A fellow called me and asked several questions about the house.  And then he asked me something about another house on that page that was not my listing.  I assured him that I would love to help him see both houses if that was his desire, and he told me that had already talked to the listing agent for the other house, and that agent was very dismissive of him and told him that the house he was asking about was “pretty expensive.”  That other agent was a fairly high-volume, top agent in the area, but  I try to treat people the way I would like to be treated.

When I met with the fellow (yes, his name turned out to be “Jack”) to show him the houses, he was wearing overalls, and looked as though he wouldn’t be out of place on a farm.   After we spent the afternoon together, I found him to be exceptionally likeable and  financially very capable, but unaware of the fine art of buying a house.  In fact, he was possibly able, though he didn’t totally, for various reasons, pay all cash for the house.  He just didn’t look or act like he had that kind of money.  It was one of the easiest and most pleasant sales with which I have ever been involved.

Needless to say, when I am working with someone to help them sell their house, or trying to show a house to a potential buyer, I occasionally hear that access will only be given to someone holding a pre-qualified letter from a bank.  That only tells me that either they are not that motivated to sell, or they have never had someone take the time to tell them about funnels and reality in the world of real estate sales.  They need to learn about the “Jack Factor.”

Good luck for now! Get to work if you want it to happen. Call me if you want to talk. Yes, I am the Reasonable Realtor. Don Martin, MARTIN PROPERTIES (615) 973-8970

Just make your comments here, or you can reach the Dean of Graduated Realtors at or “like” him at

Don Martin

Martin Properties (Flat Fee MLS to Full or Graduated Services in Nashville, TN)


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