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Ask Dr. Real Estate about “COMING SOON” Signs

Flat rate MLS Services
More than once I have been asked by a For-Sale-By-Owner, “What about these ‘COMING SOON’  ‘PENDING’ and ‘SOLD’ add-on signs I see- should I have one of those?”  The answer in a word is “no.”  In two words, the answer is “not really.”

These common sign riders have a specific place in the real estate industry, but you are not in the real estate industry, except for your one house.  But we can examine the use of them if you wish.

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New Looks for the Old Website!

We have been doing some fairly extensive work on The Reasonable Realtor website.

The first page is no longer the blog page, but rather a real Welcome! page that shows you what all we offer, but there is a very easy jump to this blog area.  We will be starting to include a featured house listing in some of the  blog entries.  The entries will also be categorized to make subjects easier to locate.  These changes will be progressive in nature as we ramp up the new style.  Of course, our purpose for existence will always remain to deal with all things real estate, helping you to save and/or make money with you adventures in home ownership or buying/selling property.  We will still answer your questions, but also point out items to you that are new or interesting.  There will possibly be some humor involved from time to time.

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They’re pulling your leg

You need to sell your house.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are over and the dead of winter is coming pretty soon.  Everyone says nobody will be shopping for a house now.

Guess what- everyone is either wrong, or they are pulling your leg.  It may be winter, but some people still have to move.  Maybe they have been transferred in their job.  Maybe there is a problem with their current house.  Maybe their lease is up.

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