Flat-Rate MLS in mid-TN is Martin Properties

What if selling your house were as easy as selling your car?  Or selling your lawnmower.  Well it can be pretty easy, too.  The most important thing is to get it into the Multiple Listing Service that Realtors use.

But how do you do that without spending a fortune in commissions?

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New Premium Service Plan


It is odd to me in these days of great attention to spending, and in this industry where people try to save money by doing things themselves, I have received requests lately for a higher, more Premium “Yikes-I’ve-Got-To-Sell-NOW!!!”  level of my service.  I must admit I probably dismissed the first several requests because I saw my service as complete, and did not wish to give an impression to anyone that I was the type who kept trying to up-sell my customers.

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