After we uploaded all the info about his house to the MLS, one of my customers  asked me the other day, “Why can’t I see my phone number and name?”  And even though we had gone through explanations and looked at examples,  he still didn’t get it.  The answer is “You won’t.”     The MLS is for REALTORS, and until you become a REALTOR, you won’t see what REALTORS see.

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How to make a house flyer that will WORK

One of my customers asked me the other day, “How do I make a knock-out flyer for my sign box that will REALLY sell the house?”  The answer is “You don’t.”  This is one of the times that an Independent Homeseller (or For-Sale-By-Owner) likes to concentrate their efforts hoping to do something for a faster, more profitable sale.  They often don’t remember that they are not involved in a flyer design or beauty contest.  I have to advise them to do something that is counter-intuitive.  “Never sell with “blah blah blah” when you can sell with “blah blah.”  I tell people that all the time.

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The Reasonable Realtor adds Speaking and Coaching to Available Services

Underneath the Services area of the top of the page directory are two new areas including speaking and coaching, coaching one on one, and speaking to more than one.

The books are becoming available over time, with more coming by the end of the year.   We are getting the word out.

It is my intent to speak to a few audiences and work with a handful of coaching clients, in addition to my normal work load.  There are 75 days left in this calendar year to accomplish these items.  Wish me luck.

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