Book updates

Hey book peeps!

Barnes & Noble update – Ingram has my book, but we’re waiting on B&N to decide to pick it up…

Kindle update – It may take Amazon up to four weeks to contact anyone who got a bad format yesterday, so please feel free to try again next promo, which I think will be tomorrow, Saturday June 28, 2014.

Thanks for your patience to most, and to some of you, you are just plain confused about my family tree.




It’s been a long couple of weeks, but I am led to believe by certain e-mails to me that my book THE NEW REAL ESTATE  – 10 SECRETS that will put money in your POCKET!  (Even though, up until now, houses have only COST you money.) is available on Kindle.  I will provide a link shortly.  I wish I knew what I was doing.

Yes, I am the Reasonable Realtor, Don Martin, MARTIN PROPERTIES (615) 973-8970. Just make your comments here, or you can reach the Dean of Graduated Realtors at or “like” him at